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Robots in Real estate services in the USA

Realtor services: pros and cons.

    Currently, in Russia one of the most common representatives in the field of small business are real estate firms. The reasons for such popularity in the following. The real estate market, even in times of crisis, remains active. Especially, if we take into account the continuing demand for housing in Russia. As a consequence of this situation - high housing prices, which means that real estate firms have a good chance of making a profit. Another factor - making real estate transactions requires paperwork in many instances, which is difficult for a person to do alone.

    A person who decides to make a real estate deal faces a choice: to look for clients on his own or to entrust this to professional realtors?

    As is well known in every business there are pros and cons. Consider them.

    Depending on the type of real estate transaction (renting apartments, buying and selling housing, exchanging), clients of a real estate agency are divided into potential tenants, landlords, buyers and sellers. The main advantage of the client who applied to the real estate agency is to save time and effort to find counterparties, negotiate with them, draw up documents. The next positive side is to reduce the risk of unplanned losses to a minimum. As a realtor who values his reputation, besides the above services, he will surely find out the history of the right to transfer ownership of real estate, the possibility of applying for the right of ownership from other persons, etc. And it is obvious that the firm providing real estate services has a large database, which makes it possible to offer the customer a large selection and find the option that most satisfies the customer. In addition, the realtor company can find the required option almost as soon as the client contacts it.

    Now about the shortcomings.

    The main obstacle that keeps people from the services of a real estate agency is the price of realtor services. As a rule, the payment of services of a realtor is a fixed percentage of the transaction amount, usually 1-2%. Despite the fact that the percentage is small, with the amounts that circulate in real estate transactions, the reward of the realtor can be very significant for the client’s wallet. There is another kind of reward realtor. For example, when selling property to a client - the seller sets a price for which he wants to sell his property. The agency, in turn, conducts a valuation and assigns its own - a higher price. Thus, the buyer and the seller pay a different price for the same product. The difference in the price of real estate is the remuneration of the agency for the services. It is clear that such a transaction is not always profitable for the buyer. There is a reverse situation. The agency assesses the property sold and pays the seller a fixed amount minus the fee. Such a real estate transaction bears the benefit to the buyer, as he acquires real estate already after deduction of remuneration, but is not beneficial to the seller.

    But whatever the above listed disadvantages would be - it is worth remembering that the realtor's remuneration is quite natural, because the client is relieved of many of the troubles of the transaction.

    There are still some disadvantages that are not related to the financial side.

    Rather, they are associated with the integrity of the realtor. As with any commercial activity, the activity of a realtor is aimed at generating income. As a result, it is in the interests of the realtor to execute the order as quickly as possible and receive his reward, which sometimes leads to inattentive examination of the documents. In the worst case, the intentional concealment of information capable of encouraging the client to abandon the transaction.

    It is the above listed disadvantages that, as a rule, are the reason why people prefer to act on the real estate market independently, without the mediation of a realtor. After all, all existing information (announcements) are freely available: newspapers, Internet, bulletin boards on the street - all this is publicly available. So in the real estate market you can independently find what you need. However, it is worth noting that this can take a long time, and the entire risk associated with real estate transactions falls entirely on the person who has decided to act independently.

    If a person has decided to use the services of professionals, then he should contact an agency that has been operating for years and has a good reputation.

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