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Customs broker: the pros and cons of services
When transporting goods abroad, it is necessary to provide appropriate customs clearance of products and confirmation of the declaration procedure. If the goods are exported abroad, the process of customs clearance requires the preparation of a huge amount of authorization documentation and the implementation of many other bureaucratic difficulties. Alas, only a few cope with the task without the help of a broker. The remaining carriers are faced with a delay in goods at the border or even the destruction of the transported products.

What is the use of customs brokerage services and are there any pitfalls of such a deal?

Advantages of customs brokerage services
Registration and declaration of goods should be carried out optimally 1-3 months before the planned date of travel abroad. During this period, you should resort to the services of a broker who will perform the work without any errors. Turning to the customs broker, the carrier can be sure that the goods will not be detained by employees of the border service for a long time.

Note the important advantages of the services of a customs broker:

The authorized customs broker has the full right to declare goods. This means that products will be designed quickly and efficiently, because this procedure is promoted by higher authorities, if it is performed by a broker with a national status.
The broker assumes all the most difficult work associated with the preparation and execution of permissive documentation. For example, if you do it yourself, you can spend more than one week on this procedure.
If necessary, the national broker will accompany the carrier at the state border and resolve issues related to the inspection of the vehicle by customs officers.
The cost of the services of an authorized broker depends on the type and quantity of goods transported, the country to which they are delivered and the availability of previous orders of the owner of the cargo. Some brokers are ready to offer a discount subject to long-term cooperation.

Cons broker services
The disadvantages of services can be seen only in those cases, if you turn to an inexperienced customs broker, who does not have such qualities as sociability, good reaction and openness. Contact the proven experts on the declaration of goods on a specialized site Kvtservice.

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